Intervention: Substance abuse and disorders in the workplace

Dr. Ray Baker MD, FCFP, ABAM

Dr. Ray Baker MD, FCFP, ABAM


Morning Workshop: 9-12pm | Vancouver Convention Centre

Employees who misuse alcohol and other drugs and even those with early addiction will often show identifiable changes in attendance, performance and behaviour. Workplace impairment, whether caused by fatigue, stress, depression or drug intoxication or withdrawal requires immediate intervention and resolution.

Many prolonged cases of disability due to complex medical and psychiatric problems turn out to have, concealed under layers of symptoms of stress, depression or chronic pain, an underlying addictive disorder making effective disability management and safe sustainable return to work impossible. The purpose of this presentation is to explore opportunities for prevention, earlier identification, intervention and rehabilitation resulting in a healthier, safer, more productive workplace.

In this session we will discuss:

  • Substance Use Policies for the workplace: key components and processes
  • Workplace Impairment – detection, intervention by supervisors
  • Comprehensive diagnostic evaluation: expensive but essential
  • Treatment Planning: choosing from a wide array of modalities and intensities
  • Contingency Management – the carrot and the stick – create the highest possible rates of recovery
  • Current status of drug testing: tips and traps
  • Medical Monitoring – reduce liability, improve performance, ensure resolution of difficult cases

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