Integrating Psychological Health and Safety into Your Occupational Health and Safety Framework

Feb 25, 2015 | Vancouver Convention Centre

Facilitators: Shawn D. Mitton, Regional Manager, Prevention, WorkSafeBC; Emma Nicolson, Occupational Health and Safety Specialist, Inquiries and Client Services, Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety, Government of Canada; and Margaret Tebbutt, Senior Consultant, Workplace Initiatives, CMHA BC

This workshop will provide:

• An overview of the context for mental health in the workplace and of an approach for managers and stewards to better help workers whose ability to function at work may be affected by mental health issues

• Practical approaches and resources for enhancing psychological safety in your workplace and meeting regulatory requirements by incorporating prevention of bullying and harassment policies and procedures into your OH&S framework.

• An understanding of WorkSafeBC’s experience with and approach to reports of bullying and harassment

• An understanding of how addressing mental health aligns with other aspects of effective creation of healthy workplaces, using the WHO’s Comprehensive Healthy Workplace Model

• Practical approaches and credible peer-reviewed resources for promoting psychological health in your workplace through incorporating the National Standard’s implementation process into your OH&S framework

• An understanding of how CCOHS as a workplace is implementing the Standard

• A review of the 13 psychological health factors in the Standard

• Hands-on exercises in addressing bullying and harassment and in prioritizing and addressing psychological health factors in participants’ own workplaces.

Participants who complete the workshop will receive a certificate of completion for 3 instructional hours.

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