Workshop Streams

Customize your conference experience based on where you are at in terms of your organizational mental health strategy.


If you are at the initial stage of contributing to a mental health strategy, then the building awareness workshops would be a good fit for you. These workshops have been customized for individuals who:

• Are attending the conference for the first time on behalf of your workplace or union

• Are starting to look at the business and legal reasons to make change

• Have met with others in your workplace and want to advocate to move the issue of workplace mental health higher up on the agenda

• Have invested in some mental health training or campaigns but are seeing that things are slow to change

• Are at the assessment stage and curious to learn how to measure the psychological health and safety of your workplace


If you are at or gearing up for implementation, then the action workshops would be a good fit for you. These workshops have been customized for individuals who:

• Have attended previous conferences or training on mental health in the workplace

• Work for an organization that has identified mental health needs as a strategic priority area

• Are willing to try something new and would benefit from a community of practice for encouragement and support

• Have identified employees who are willing to speak openly about mental illness, and are looking for ways to engage them to work together to create change

• Are at the solutions stage and interested in hearing from other organizations who have successfully turned the tide and are moving forward in building a more psychologically healthy and safe workplace


If you are looking for more specialized training to broaden or complement your mental health strategy, then you may want to consider our enhanced workshops. These workshops are ideal for individuals who:

• Work for an organization that has, or is in the final stages of developing a mental health strategy

• Are developing best practices and supporting others in their community to do the same

• Are committed to sustaining a workplace culture that enhances employee and organizational well-being, and supports ongoing transformation and change

• Want to help embed the new direction and culture in more organizational processes and systems

• Are interested in redefining leadership for a new era of collaboration and transparency

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