Vickie Chase

Vickie Chase

Vickie Chase

Host, CTV’s Community Calendar | Community Investment Coordinator, CTV

Conference Plenary Emcee | March 5 | Calgary

A very familiar face to most Calgarians, Vickie Chase has been with CTV Calgary for the past 18 years, and has been involved in the broadcasting community in Calgary since 1988.  She takes great pride in her role as Community Investment Coordinator and Host of CTV’s Community Calendar. Vickie is grateful to the citizens of Calgary for welcoming her into their homes.  She says, “Growing up in Saskatchewan is something that will never leave me, however, it is Calgary that has become home”.  Vickie is married to a city firefighter and the proud Mom of 17 year old twin daughters.  She says she really believes it isn’t necessarily where you live, it’s the people you surround yourself with that truly matter.

Being a Mom has been the most important role in Vickie’s life.  She has travelled to Nicaragua for World Vision in the hopes of helping children in developing countries and volunteered at the Alberta Children’s Hospital for a number of years.  Now when Vickie isn’t at work she loves her volunteer job as a foster parent for the Calgary Humane Society.  She truly believes as caring citizens we all need to advocate for the children, animals and elderly that might not be able to speak on their own behalf.

Favorite Quote: “Your background and circumstances make you who you are, but you are responsible for whom you become.”

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