Seia Roots

Seia Roots

Seia Roots

Community Educator, CMHA Vancouver-Fraser

Day 1 – February 21, 2017 – Action Workshop: Trauma-Informed at Work

Seia Roots is a community educator specializing in mental health. Since 2004 she’s been part of CMHA Vancouver Fraser Branch’s Community Outreach and Education team. Seia develops and delivers a range of workshops and presentations to promote awareness and strengthen communication skills when interacting with a person experiencing mental distress. Enhancing the essential practice of self-care is also commonly addressed in Seia’s work.

Since 2015 Seia has been lead developer of the Resilient Minds Program, a partnership between CMHA and Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services. This program builds trauma-awareness, skills to mitigate trauma and build resiliency, as well as an action toolkit for responding to peers who may be struggling. Resilient Minds is currently training facilitators in BC for the peer-led 10-hour workshop.

As an advocate for trauma-informed health settings, Seia sits on an advisory committee updating hospital policies, procedures and guidelines to incorporate trauma-informed concepts.

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