Mike Deas-Dawlish

Mike Deas-Dawlish

Mike Deas-Dawlish

Director of Operations, Aburi Restaurants Canada

Panel of Organizational Champions | March 5 | Vancouver

Mike began his restaurant career in Calgary over 20 yrs ago.  He felt a deep connection to the industry and no matter how hard he tried to move into other fields something always brought him home.

With years spent travelling around the world Mike was able to experience exceptional culinary delights and soon realized that he was inexplicably hooked and nothing but hospitality would satisfy his occupational desires.  He moved to Vancouver in the early 1990’s and took a job with Keg Corporation.  He has since been involved in a number of successful hospitality companies that included 10 years with the Seqouia Group of Restaurants;  in particular Carderos, The Sandbar & The Teahouse in Stanley Park.  Looking for a fresh spark in his career Mike took a short hiatus and went to Uganda for 3 months, volunteering in a small village and being a part of it’s local school and orphanage.   “ A life changing experience” was how he described it and feeling refreshed he returned to the industry he loved.

A chance encounter with an old friend triggered his introduction to Aburi Restaurants almost 2 years ago and the rest is history.

In his own words:  “I have never experienced the feeling and energy I got from meeting Seigo and discussing his ideals and dreams.  He was a different kind of owner and immediately I saw the impact he had on his staff.  Instead of being intimidated or afraid when he showed up at his first location, Miku, his employees showed a genuine happiness he was there.  I really knew then that I had found something and someone very unique.

Since Mike has joined Aburi Restaurants they have opened their 2nd location and are just beginning construction on their 3rd.

Heavy expansion is slated for the next few years as they make their way east.

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