Marjorie Munroe

Marjorie Munroe

Marjorie Munroe


Coaching Sessions | March 5 | Calgary

Marjorie is a Calgary-based Chartered Mediator, trainer, facilitator and consultant.

Marjorie uses the PULSE Frame for structuring meetings for resolution: Prepare Uncover, Learn, Search, Explain. The PULSE Frame offers the opportunity for participants to explore what has worked with their relationship in the past, identify criteria for resolution in the present, and write and agree to a specific plan for the future.

Marjorie helps professionals: Build skills for effective interpersonal communication; Develop and practice skills for facilitating as a third-party neutral in disputes; Resolve disputes between co-workers, business partners, and contractors involving contracts, interpersonal relationships and other business matters; Improve working relationships with teams who have unresolved conflicts; and Assess workplace systems for resolving conflict.

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