Gina Vanderham

Gina Vanderham

Gina Vanderham

President of Workplace Solutions

Day 1 – February 21, 2017 – Enhanced Workshop: Substance Use and the Workplace: Time to take action

Gina is a certified Psychological Health and Safety Advisor for the Canadian Mental Health Association. She has worked in the public and private sectors doing trainings on addiction and dialectical behavior therapy, burnout, mediation, eating disorders. Other trainings include Drug free workplace programming, substance use policy development, training for managers on recognizing addiction and managing poor performance.

Gina has presented at several conferences across North America and is sought out by media for her expertise. She has provided expert opinion in court and has worked in disability management for Great West Life, Vancouver Coastal Health and Health Care Benefit Trust specializing in addiction and mental health cases.

Her addictions expertise has been in part gained from working in many settings along the continuum of care. She has worked in detox, addiction treatment centres, drinking driving programs, and outpatient clinics. Gina has first-hand experience in addiction, as she has been a recovering addict and alcoholic for 29 years. She has consulted with both the Orchard and Cedars at Cobble Hill treatment Centres in BC during their start up phases.

She is a licensed marriage and family therapist, a registered clinical counsellor, a substance abuse professional (conducting DOT assessments, referrals to treatment and follow-up). She is also a certified spiritual director and a certified employee assistance professional.

Gina has been a successful psychotherapist in Vancouver since 1998 with her practice including: families, children, teens, and couples, as well as FSEAP clients. She specializes in the areas of addiction, trauma, depression, and anxiety.

Gina has developed and facilitated workshops and retreats for counsellors, clients, and organizations on such topics as: yoga for addiction, depression and anxiety, mindful eating, relapse prevention, codependency, dialectical behavior therapy for addiction, problem gambling, recovery from childhood sexual abuse, addiction in the workplace, cultural diversity in the workplace, time management, communication in the workplace, stress management, and change management.

She also does organizational development work such as strategic planning, succession planning and staffing analysis–she is a member of the BC Organizational Development Network.

Gina is a lifelong learner and continues to stay up to date on new treatments. She pulls from an extensive list of modalities depending on the needs of her clients.

She sees the need and benefit of addressing mental health and addictions in the workplace as a coach, consultant, and therapist. She is passionate about helping organizations manage addiction and ensuring that employees get the help they need.

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