Dr. Jalees Razavi

Dr. Jalees Rasavi

Dr. Jalees Rasavi

Occupational Medicine Specialist Physician

The Communication Breakdown Roundtable | March 6 | Calgary

Occupational Medicine Specialist at Jalees Razavi Professional Corporation

Dr. Razavi is an occupational medicine specialist physician who has held various clinical, administrative, and executive leadership roles, including his tenures at Saudi Aramco and Imperial Oil Limited/ExxonMobil Canada.

His current focuses include occupational health program design and implementation for medium, large, national or international companies, improving workplace productivity and return on investment through wellness and prevention and conducting evidence-based fitness for and return to work assessments.

Dr. Razavi designed and delivered many successful workplace mental and occupational health programs to urban and remote workplaces in Saudi Aramco and Imperial Oil. Through his efforts, in 2009, Imperial Oil Ltd became a recognized residency training site by the University of Alberta followed by the University of Calgary in 2013.

He also coined the current Imperial Oil Ltd slogan of “Have a healthy career”. Dr. Razavi has a proven track record in crisis management, executive health evaluations, evaluating employee assessment programs, organizational restructuring and working with multinational corporations.

He is currently running a consulting company providing support to different employers and organizations including the Workers’ Compensation Board.

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