March 13–14, 2018

Navigating the New Workplace: We All Have a Part

For 15 years, the Bottom Line Conference has been bringing together a rich community of business leaders and workers, union representatives, policy makers and researchers to share their expertise and ideas and discuss ways in which to improve mental health in Canadian workplaces.

The conference provides an opportunity to share real experiences and successes while working towards the common goal of transforming Canadian workplaces into psychologically safe and supportive places where everyone can work safely and thrive.

The theme of this year’s Bottom Line Conference is “Navigating the New Workplace: We All Have a Part,” and we are excited to invite you with us on this journey of change. We will explore the ever-changing reality of work and the workplace. We will connect you to those who continue to innovate in the research, technology, law and policy fields – all of whom are helping to create an upward momentum towards a fairer, more productive and satisfying working environment for all.

Inspiration is crucial, as is developing the skills needed to create a new workplace culture. Influencing positive change, like any other process, involves assessing the current environment and identifying real and achievable goals for the organization. Our hope is to continue to provide the practical skills our delegates are looking for, while building the connections that expand our community and advance this movement of change.


Workshop Streams

Choose from a selection of workshops to customize your conference experience. Whether you are just getting started, in the process of change, or looking for more focused training, you’ll gain practical skills and tools for approaching the next step in your mental health strategy.


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