Brigitte Sottile

Brigitte Sottile

Brigitte Sottile

Assistant to the President, Teamsters

Teamsters Canada – Make it Mandatory | February 23, 2016 | Vancouver

Trained as an attorney, Brigitte Sottile has worked for the Teamsters since 1994.

She initially made representations on behalf of the Union with the Workers Compensation Board for Teamsters members, victim of workplace injuries and illnesses.

In January 2000, she became the Teamsters National Education Director.  More recently, in addition to her role in education, she was appointed Assistant to the Teamsters Canada’s President.

Brigitte is involved in various national and international committees within the labour movement which are related to Women issues, Health and Safety, Human Rights and International Solidarity.  Her duties bring her to train union representative across Canada, in the US and in Haiti.

She also mentors the Teamsters Youth Committee to prepare the next generation of leaders. With the Committee, Brigitte launched a National Mental Health Campaign in October 2015. This campaign is close to her heart and mirrors what she does best: care for the wellbeing of the workers.

Decent work for all” being her motto, she dedicates her time to build empowerment and solidarity to fight injustice in the workplace.

As many of us, Brigitte Sottile must strive to reach a balance between her many professional duties and her personal life. She runs for the cure with her wonderful and active 17 year old son and plan to run her first marathon this year.

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